Exchange 2010 Migration

Still Running Exchange 2010? Plan Your Exchange 2010 Migration Now!

Exchange 2010 migration: What is it about?

Extensively used by companies of all sizes, Exchange 2010 will soon no longer be supported. The end of support date was initially planned for January 14th, 2020, but it has been extended to October 13th, 2020.

Keeping Exchange 2010 after the end of support can introduce unnecessary risks to the company, such as vulnerability to malware, compliance risks, no new documentation.

Already accelerated in recent weeks by the COVID-19 crisis, the migration of Exchange 2010, and other messaging systems to cloud-based solutions are the priorities of many IT Professionals in 2020.

Benefits of moving to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Your business can get many incredible benefits by migrating to Office 365. You can work anywhere, anytime.

Exchange migration tool

More importantly, with Office 365, a company’s cloud usage and subscription status can be scaled to align with its business growth.

Microsoft Teams works with Office 365 to provide users with a rich collaboration experience. The Exchange 2010 end of support is the perfect opportunity to help your customer through a total digital transformation journey with additional collaboration tools and services.
Either you need a tool to migrate only to Office 365 or more with SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams, Cloudiway can help.

Exchange 2010 Migration: Choose the right migration approach

Carrying out a migration project cannot be improvised and must be carefully planned and executed. Opting for a proven and progressive approach is, therefore, a necessity.

For those ready to move to the cloud, Microsoft recommends Office 365 and Exchange Online for continuous support and servicing, and peace of mind when it comes to security.

With Cloudiway migration products, you can handle all features, including mailboxesfilesarchivesgroupssites, and teams in a single interface.

Allowing you to migrate in one go with the cutover mail migration, by far the most straightforward approach. Or a staged migration, useful for migrations with large volumes of data. Cloudiway provides several options to help you find the best strategy.

We also provide coexistence services, which you can define depending on the time and complexity of your migration.

Everyone’s Working In The Cloud?

In a recent survey from brokerage firm Instinet, 68% of CIOs said that cloud services would become more of a priority, and this was before coronavirus lockdowns started.

By planning out and using the right tool, migration will no longer be an operation at risk, but rather an opportunity to modernize the collaboration system (on-site, in the cloud, or hybrid).

It is possible to control the progress cycle of the migration and its costs, to not impact the daily work of employees, to ensure that all data is migrated and not lost.

Now’s the time to start your planning, to migrate from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 or Exchange 2019.

From the number of users, on-premises requirements, other applications, and collaboration, Cloudiway can assist you during the process and show you the best way to migrate hundreds or thousands of users.