How Cloud Technology Improves Office Productivity

How Cloud Technology Improves Office Productivity

Cloud technology is flipping the traditional office on its head. Since being introduced recently, it is changing the way workspaces operate—from how data is managed, to how tasks are delegated. It has brought about so many benefits that Techjury predicts 67% of enterprise infrastructure will be completely cloud-based by the end of this year.

So how exactly is cloud technology improving office productivity?

Better Collaboration

Cloud computing makes team collaboration much simpler, as it allows users to work from anywhere at any time. If most of your data has migrated to the cloud, this means that people can access them more easily even when they’re outside the office. Thus, it opens up the possibility of offering remote work to your employees, which researchers from Stanford University found to be extremely useful in boosting productivity.

Data Protection and Recovery

If there’s one thing that could damage a business permanently, it’s losing their data—and there’s certainly nothing more unproductive than that. So, it’s no surprise that the growth in the computer science field has been booming, as shared by cyber security professionals from Maryville University. From governments and businesses, to healthcare companies and banks—it seems that companies can no longer ignore the need to protect their information systems. Of course, not all offices can afford an elaborate cyber security strategy, but even just migrating data to the cloud is one way to boost your protection. True enough, cloud storage expert John L. Miller states that storing your files on a reliable cloud service is one of the best security strategies you can have. Some storage facilities even have features to help you recover data after accidentally deleting or overwriting files.

Hands-off IT Infrastructure

It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to maintain an IT infrastructure on your own. Tech writer Iren Korkishko states that you’ll be working with four things at the same time: hardware, software, network resources (such as internet and firewalls), as well as the many brains required for its operation (like developers and designers). With the cloud, you won’t have to worry about most of these as the provider takes care of things like software and talent acquisition. The money you save up can then be pooled into more productive things, like projects and training.

Easier Scalability

When your company starts growing, you’ll need to scale to maximize the efficiency of your business. Scaling is easier and cheaper with the cloud. After all, resources are mostly online so you won’t need to physically expand your office to accommodate extra tech. You can even scale down on certain things that you deem unnecessary, such as extra storage. Overall, the cloud allows you more control over your assets, so you can decide which parts you want to focus on to make your company flourish.

Cloud computing is necessary if you want your company to keep up with modern times. It can even affect the efficiency of your office in ways that you could never have imagined. So if you haven’t invested in it, there’s no better time than now. Building on a decade of solid achievement, Cloudiway and its partners can help you and your company make a seamless transition, and migrate your data the easy way.

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