Choosing the right data migration strategy and tool

Choosing the right data migration tool strategy

When choosing the right data migration strategy and tool is as important as the data itself.

Now we all know how critical data is to us in our day to day lives, and it has become like the blood of our daily routines and business transactions.

Growing business data volumes, changing regulatory landscape, and maintaining the legacy data are the factors that contribute to the growth of the data migration market globally. 

Often, organizations tend to overlook or side-line the smaller yet critical parts during the transition from one tenant to another, during Mergers, Acquisitions, or Divestitures.

There are three essential factors to be considered for a better data migration approach and tools selection as part of an effective strategy:

Free Vs. Paid Migration Tools

What are the exact expectations, outcomes, and risks associated with both these options? Does a free tool cover as much as a paid software tool to ensure maximum data transfer as desired?

A Free tool can offer you cost benefits but may not provide a full solution and coverage for your intended data.

The priority is to better meet your business needs with the right data migration tools provider. Most often, we only check high-level details that a software tool has to provide and ignore the underlying information like data limitationsuser permissions mapping, additional H/W or S/W costs like servers, storage, etc.

This rush to finalize your migration may translate into extra costs that have not been budgeted.

Migration Cost Vs. Benefits Vs. Risks

Solely going based on migration costs could have repercussions once you’ve completed your data move activity: Half moved data workloads, data duplication, data like contacts, and calendar entries didn’t come along to the target tenant/domain, so are some user emails, items, Files in the drive didn’t convert to MS Office format after G drive to One drive migrations. Even more, if your source data gets deleted before full migration or after domain cutover

The result can spell more troubles, possible losses, and extended project completion dates. A full-scale data migration tools provider will offer better value for your IT investment with peace of mind minus data risks.

All was achieved 24h after the start, 1st time in my career after more than 10 years of migration. Cloudiway takes care of everything, Mail/shared mailboxes/Ressources/Teams/OneDrive, etc. You need one hour of consulting services to be sure everything is well set up before starting, but in a migration budget, this hour is nothing regarding the time you earn after in support issues…

The choice of the right, fully automated, data migration tool like Cloudiway will ensure a successful and smooth data migration experience, with fewer hassles and more time & cost savings translating to quick go-live & ROI. 

To know more about how Cloudiway can be a trusted partner in your data migration and enterprise coexistence journey, get in touch with us today!

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