Bringing together heterogeneous collaboration tools, a priority for IT professionals

Bringing together heterogeneous collaboration tools, a priority for IT professionals

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions have been considerably accelerated, especially concerning large accounts, and extended enterprise. In this context, MSPs are facing a strategic issue: bringing together heterogeneous collaboration and messaging systems. The main objective during a migration is to avoid unintended negative impacts on the user’s daily work.

Coexisting messaging environments

We know that migration to a single environment can’t be improvised and requires relying on the right tools. This step is strategic, and can have significant consequences, up to and including data loss if it is not done correctly.
IT professionals need to examine solutions allowing heterogeneous messaging systems to coexist seamlessly. Thanks to Cloudiway coexistence solutions, employees can continue to work without being hampered in their operations. The company can thus continue to carry out its missions without loss of collaboration, productivity and, quality.

As we have seen, these solutions need to be painless for employees and have no impact on the actual performance and process. Users should be able to perform current actions in a completely transparent manner with solutions for Global Address List Synchronization (GALSync), calendar management (Free/Busy), etc.
Implementing Cloud-Based Coexistence solutions makes it possible to allow heterogeneous messaging and ease of migration in a broad context.

Simplifying coexistence during migration processes: a response to the expectations of large companies

Given these elements, it is quite understandable that this subject is positioned today in the top 3 priorities of Enterprise CIOs. Not just a concept, coexistence has been a concrete reality since approached on a large scale. We note, moreover, that several MSPs are studying this issue today and are taking steps to successfully succeed in their projects, especially projects with thousands of users.

One thing is sure; this type of project can only be carried out successfully by relying on a modern approach. Cloudiway offers include migration between different collaboration tools such as G Suite, Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, as well as a suite of technical solutions that allow businesses to coexist as one during mergers and acquisitions (GALSyncFree/Busy, and Mail Routing).
Whether you are looking for a seamless, short-term tool, or a reliable long-term solution for users on multiple environments, Cloudiway guarantee performance, working comfort, and safety.